A proven track record.

Richman Ascension Development is a joint venture between The Richman Group and Ascension Development, each established with a long track record of successful real estate enterprises between them, Richman as a top ten multifamily owner across the United States, and Ascension with experience in Texas and California. The partnership is specifically geared toward finding, financing and developing new and redeveloped luxury rental properties.

The Richman Group of Companies has been active in the development of a wide range of luxury and affordable residential housing since 1979. Richman affiliates have developed more than 19,000 residential units, and currently manages over 100,000 units nation wide. The firm is capable of delivering the entire development process in-house from site selection through marketing and management, and in some cases construction services. Their expertise with identifying high-quality, well-situated properties with strong market potential and/or a favorable capital structure has been part of their success as a developer. These skills have been combined with a national reputation for financing creativity.

The Richman Group has developed properties nationwide, in urban, suburban and rural areas, designed for the affordable sector, seniors and other special needs populations, as well as luxury renters. Richman frequently teams up with local developers, both for-profit and not-for-profit; with a reputation for working as an efficient and easy partner. In addition, they have actively and successfully worked with state and local governments in public-private partnerships to redevelop and privatize public housing projects.

Ascension Development specializes in urban infill, multi-family and for-sale locations, and has packaged real estate deals throughout the West, with particular success in Texas and California.

Ascension’s strength in identifying quality residential opportunities, and developing strategies to acquire these properties, has led to a profitable, long-term relationship with their partners. Their experienced assessment of unique market conditions, including an ever-growing demand for multifamily, urban housing; favorable long term demographics in their target markets; and the relationships and local market expertise of the principals, have helped Ascension succeed in both the pre- and post- housing market recovery.

Ascension brings specialized market knowledge and the ability to acquire high quality complex assets to achieve the highest possible returns, while Richman’s deep roots offer invaluable real estate business experience and financing acumen to this newly-formed partnership.